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Small Bandsaw Mods

Bandsaw stand wheels

February 2008

4x6 metal bandsaw stand wheels

After three months using it, I decided to replace the bandsaw stand wheels. The original wheels were made on a very soft rubber and trying to move the bandsaw was always a pain. After purchasing two new 100mm good quality wheels, decided to mount them inside the stand. This way the stand is at 10mm from floor and never hit it when moving. New wheels have 12mm ID bore instead of the 10mm from the original ones. A new 12mm shaft was made, machined on both ends to 10mm to fit the shaft supports. Spacers to prevent the wheels from hit the stand were also made. BTW, the original wheels aren't good at all, made with bad rubber, but I found inside two ball bearings...

Blade cover knobs

February 2008

4x6 metal bandsaw blade cover knobs

To easy disassemble the blade cover without tools, the original socket head screws were replaced with knobs. On the lower side of the bandsaw blade cover, cuts were made on the holes to avoid the need of completely removing these two knobs. To remove the cover, these two knobs are only loosened and the cover slides easily.

Switchbox and limit switch

February 2008

4x6 metal bandsaw switchbox and auto-off limit switch

The switch box was on the swivel base and the stop function was a bolt on a 90º plate pressing the stop switch when finishing cutting. Regardless with the plate and bolt above the switch it was very difficult to access the stop switch if something happens, a lot of metal was always over the switches. I plan to use coolant on it, and so coolant would also get over the switches.

So I had relocated the switch from the base to the bandsaw casting and connected, inside the box, a limit switch. A plate with a 4mm screw is mounted on the swivel base and the screw goes through a hole on the bottom of the switch box and press the limit switch. Now, if for any reason I need to stop the saw, access to the stop switch is always easy.

Reducing noise

March 2008

reducing noise from the 4x6 bandsaw belt cover

After cutting a soft rubber, it was glued with double sided tape to avoid any metal contact between the saw casting and the belt cover. Also the blade cover has now a thin rubber were it touch the casting. Much more silent now.