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A cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore

March 2010

Lathe spindle bore cleaning tool

A cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore is useful for cleaning the spindle taper prior to insert any MT taper tooling on it. If the taper bore is not clean, the taper shank will not seat properly, and the tool will not run centered.

Lathe MT bore spindle  cleaning tool

Made this one with what was having on shop, by hand. Cleaning discs are made from windows cleaning cloth, the handle is 8mm aluminum with a M5 threaded rod attached and spacers are from 14mm POM. The nut on the end is also made from POM, as a steel nut could scratch the spindle bore.

Lathe MT bore spindle cleaning tool

To cut the cleaning discs made this cutter/punch. A single shank holds both cutters. The small punch on center was made from a broken 5mm drill bit by grinding a V to make the sharp edge. The larger cutter was made from 28mm ID stainless steel tube. The cutting edge was made by turning it at a 60 degrees angle.

To cut the cleaning discs, the cutter was used over a wood block with a hammer. Drilled a 5mm hole on the wood block for the smaller punch to go into, as the outer cutter is recessed. It worked very well and ended making a bunch of spare discs too.

Lathe MT bore spindle  cleaning tool

It is very efficient cleaning the lathe spindle bore and can be used through the spindle on both directions.

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