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Mini-lathe bed preparation

December 2009

The bed ended taking too long to get ready, but not because that much work have been done on it. As the bed and headstock are together the main basis of a lathe, many decisions have to be made and tested prior to any work on it.

Mini-lathe bed preparation

So, believing that everything is planned (hope so!) started preparing the bed. After removing all the paint from the bed casting, decided to take the idea Jim Rabid Wolf gave almost two years ago on the 7x12minilathe group to smooth the inside of the bed casting. By using a Dremel type tool and all the care to never hit bedways, rough was smoothed down a little inside the casting so all swarf and very small parts will fall down easier to the tray.

Mini-lathe bed with holes filled

As with the jack shaft motor speed reducer mod the motor is relocated backwards, some filling work was made in order to close the previous motor location to keep all swarf and cutting fluid out. Both the hole for the motor brush access and the slots to mount the motor have been filled. After cutting pieces of cast iron to fill the holes and slots, used JB Weld to cold weld these pieces in place. Some polyester and sanding work to finish it and now swarf and coolant won't get into anymore.

Mini-lathe motor housing

Made a similar work on the back of the bed, so that now casting is closed on back all along mini-lathe bedways. Also all the small threaded holes that won't be used anymore have been filled with polyester.

So, now the bed is ready and painted. Fairly easy work!

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