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Lathe spindle nuts wrench

February 2010

Mini-lathe spindle nuts wrench parts

To disassemble and assemble the mini-lathe spindle for the headstock mods, and also to adjust preload on spindle bearings, made two wrenches on the lathe, The picture shows all the machined parts. Two handles 90mm long, two M5 set screws 8mm long and turned down to 4mm on the end and a ring with holes drilled and taped for the set screws and handles. Made the handles from printer shafts and the ring, after cutting a disk from 50mm steel stock on the bandsaw, was made on the lathe by drilling and boring to 38.5mm. The ring is 8.5mm thick.

Mini-lathe spindles nuts wrench set

After drilling and taping the holes on the ring, back to the bandsaw to cut the ring in two parts to make the two wrenches. Some lapping to soften the bandsaw cut and remove sharp edges and assembled the set screws and handles using loctite to keep them in place.

Using the wrench for mini-lathe spindle nuts

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