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Screw slotting saw arbor

Shop made slitting saw arbors, made on the mini-lathe

Once, in a hurry, I bought a set of three slitting saws with arbor. Then I found that replacement blades for it are listed as screw-slotting saws. They have a 5/8" bore and the arbor that came with the set is far from good, 0.1mm undersized, making the blades to rotate off-centered. As the blades are still fine, made a arbor for this blade set. I don't plan to have many tooling in inch sizes, but I already have these blades.

It is very straightforward to make slitting saw arbors on the lathe, but care is needed checking dimensions for the blades to have a good fit, otherwise they will rotate off-centered. When turning the arbor, on finishing passes for blade fit, a small groove was made into the shoulder for the blade to fit correctly. Made the arbor with a 12mm straight shank, to use it on ER collets. The shank is 35mm long.

Shop made slitting saw arbor and tommy bar

The large washer was counterbored for the M6 screw. A 6mm tommy bar fits a hole on the arbor for tightening the screw and for when changing blades.

Shop made slitting saw arbors, made on the mini-lathe

Here is the new arbor and the one that came with the blades set.